Radiography is a very important diagnostic aid in a modern veterinary clinic. It allows veterinarians to get a "picture" of the patient on the inside to help diagnose ailments of the bones and soft tissues.

Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre uses a digital radiography system instead of the more traditional photographic film to obtain radiographs (X-rays). Incorporating a digital system offers numerous advantages for our patients, for our clients, for our employees, and for the environment. By bypassing the laborious chemical processing involved in photographic films, images are available quickly and cleanly. These images are displayed on a large monitor for easy viewing and we can also digitally enhance images for more detailed analysis. Due to their digital format, radiographs can be copied for clients if requested or can be emailed to veterinary specialists abroad to aid diagnosis.

Patients also benefit from a digital system since less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. Finally, digital radiography produces little to no waste since processing chemicals and hard copies are only necessary when an image copy is requested, meaning that digital is more environmentally friendly than photographic film.

Our system allows us to obtain images from our very small exotic patients up to our larger equine patients. We will be happy to show you our system when visiting our clinic and explain the images we obtain of your pet.