Endoscopy is a minimally invasive, advanced diagnostic and treatment tool that allows veterinarians to physically see abnormalities in different areas of the body.

At Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre, endoscopy is used to investigate gastro-intestinal issues in some of our small animal patients, as well as in equine nasal and guttural pouch exploration. An endoscope is a long tube, that when inserted into the body, enables visualization and exploration of internal organs and structures that would otherwise not be possible without more invasive surgery. We can use endoscopes to obtain biopsies, such as from the inner lining of the intestine, which enables a more accurate diagnosis. Occasionally, a foreign body, such as a chicken bone trapped in the esophagus of a canine patient, can be removed with the aid of an endoscope.

We would be happy to explain any procedures that may be performed by the aid of an endoscope in your pet, please ask one of out team members.