Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre has a fully equipped surgical facility. Our surgery suite is equipped with positive pressure ventilation to reduce risks of airborne contamination, ceiling mounted oxygen coupling, and a negative pressure waste gas recovery system. In addition to the standard components of a surgical ward, are surgery area is equipped with a comprehensive array of up-to-date anesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure that your pet's anesthesia is as safe as possible. Please see our Anaesthesia section for more information about how we maximize your pet's safety under anesthesia.

Surgical services at our clinic include but are not limited to:

  • elective surgeries - including spays, neuters, and removal of small masses
  • gastrointestinal surgeries - including foreign body removals, gastropexies, bloat surgery, and tumor removal
  • urogenital surgeries - including unblocking cats, bladder stone removal and other bladder surgeries
  • orthopedic surgeries - including extracapsular repair of torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) and femoral head ostectomies
  • eyes/ears/nose/throat surgeries- including cherry eyes, entropion/ectropion correction, brachycephalic airway correction
  • emergency surgeries - bloat correction, wound repair

If your pet will be undergoing surgery, our team members will be happy to discuss pre-surgery preparation, pre-anaesthetic blood work, and the expected recovery time of your pet.

Every animal undergoing surgery will have a pre-anaesthetic exam prior to anaesthesia and the anaesthetic protocol will be decided at that time. It is standard protocol at our clinic that every animal undergoing a general anaesthesia will have an intravenous catheter placed and put on intravenous fluids for the duration of the anaesthesia. This is done to provide a route for the administration of anaesthetics and medications, to maintain hydration throughout the procedure, and to provide an intravenous access for unforeseen emergencies. A light bandage is placed on the intravenous site when your pet goes home.

If you would like to see our surgical facilities or have any questions regarding your pet's surgery, please feel free to ask one of our team members and they will be happy to assist you.